New demand for equipment repair:

pouze záruční reklamace

Enter the serial number or IMEI number and the system tries to fill other details:
* obligatory
Device with a SIM card:
15-digit, find it by typing the code *#06# on your device or on the back side under the battery.
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Insert the model number in the format: Manova.
By attaching a warranty card or tax document(invoice) You may help accelerate the progress of your case.
Upload scanned warranty card od tax document(invoice). Allowed formats: JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF. Max. size 4 MB.
: *
Briefly and clearly describe how the failure of the device occurs.
For quick and quality repair it is needed to send the exact fault description.
Who sold you the device?
After sending the form you will be asked to send your device to the address here on the right:
xrspace Service Centre
Service Park area
Průmyslová 1181
391 02 Sezimovo Ústí II
Česká republika

The address for pick up / return the device

: *
If you request a repair as a legal entity, fill the name of the company, if as an individual, fill your name and surname.
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Country of customer:
Change above.
Fill the name of the person that we will contact in case of any uncertainty.
To issue an invoice at your business, choose the invoice on subject.

Billing address

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If you want to send a copy of this form to e-mail, select YES.

Can we use your personal information without your consent?

Yes, we can use you personal information without your consent but only for following purposes:

  • In order to provide you service or a product (fulfillment of a mutual contract, which also includes the actual use of a particular service without the need of a signature).
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations that result from generally binding legal regulations.

The possibility and legality of such processing results directly from applicable legal regulations, and your consent to such processing is not necessary.

Additional information is included in "General VSP DATA a.s. Terms and Conditions" , the chapter Privacy Policy and Other Data Processing

Do not forget to attach filled warranty card or tax document(invoice).
In the case of a accessories complaint (e.g. headphones, battery) it is necessary to send the device too - mobilephone, tablet, etc.