Conditions to accept new case at VSP Data a.s.:

  • Záruka na opravené zařízení se řídí Všeobecnými obchodními a servisními podmínkami společnosti VSP DATA a.s..
  • if you aren´t our stable partner is required a cash payment when receipt the device or cash on delivery.
  • When paying by bank transfer, our invoices are due 14 days from the issue date (21 days for foreign invoices).
  • In the case of rejection or expiry of this price offer, will be charged transport and diagnostic.
  • If you reject the offer price, you can leave the device in VSP Data a.s. for ecological destruction.
  • In the case of using spare part, the defective part becomes the property of VSP Data a.s. and you will not ask for its return.
  • If we find during repair that some of spare parts need not be applied, the price of repair will be reduced about the price of this spare parts.
  • If the device not taken over to three months after repair, have VSP Data a.s. right to sell device and the financial proceeds will be used to cover the costs of repair.
  • Company VSP Data a.s. not bear any responsibility for data loss that may occur during repair device and playing back software.
  • By submitting this form of new order, the order becomes binding and also you agree with the price limit for repair (if indicated).

Please direct any questions to the e-mail or tel.: +420 381 489 800.